Beta Launch


Hi there, Yassine here – the founder of 99drawings. The drawing service platform for video portrait.

After a long wait the new version of the website is live and running. The previous minimal version helped a lot to understand your expectations guys. The feedbacks of some of you were priceless. Thank you for that.

First version of 99drawings.

First version of 99drawings.

And like I asked you before to give me your sincere opinion about this new service, I am asking you now to be the Beta users. I need your feedbacks and remarks to provide the best experience possible.

All you need to do is visit the new website and tell me what you think! Also as a Beta user you can use this coupon 99LAUNCH to get a 50% OFF on all products.

Don't wait, get your custom video portrait.

Don’t wait, get your custom video portrait.

99 Portraits of Awesome People

The main idea of the blog is to start a series of video portraits about incredible people. 99 Philosophers, scientists, humanists, sport men and women and ordinary people will be regularly featured on the blog. These personalities will be chosen randomly depending on what I am interested in at the moment, the books that I am reading or the actual context of the world around us.

The video portraits of awesome people will be also the occasion to feature the work of other artists around the world. Portrait artists, musicians and writers will help make this series as interesting as possible.

And of course all your suggestions are welcome! So stay tuned and make sure you follow 99drawings on social media to enjoy it all.